Natural Beauty

With social media, magazine covers, and advertising creating beauty standards that seem impossible to live up to, it can be easy to lose sight of what beauty really is.   Outside influences (and prominent influencers) are constantly driving this narrative that beauty comes from a bottle or some smoothie blend, and that airbrushed beauty is real.   This can make it really tough for growing girls who are only just learning to navigate the beauty scene, but you can help change the focus:  
  • Celebrate their natural beauty, their freckles, their curly hair, their beautiful skin
  • Create an environment where they feel comfortable to ask questions and talk things through with you
  • Teach health over beauty – drinking lots of water, a good skin care routine (especially sunscreen!) and getting plenty of fresh air
  Modelling these values at home is so important too – and we don’t mean runway modelling! Having positive body conversations, going for family walks after dinner, and celebrating strength, health, and mind will give her the best start.   You can’t change the outside world she sees, but you can help redefine the way she sees herself.    
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