Dear Miss 13

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Dear Miss 13,

Wow you’re thirteen, and on the teen train that will take you through a whole lot of stops on your journey of growing up. There will be loads fun with friends and opportunities as you grow. But the ride will also be full of pressures, expectations and people wanting you to do things and become someone you’re not meant to be and push you down paths you don’t want to go down.

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So, the question is .

Who are you going to be?

I don’t mean all the various choices that will come to you in time- like if you will be an business owner or an athlete, a doctor or a ballerina. I’m not asking you about labels that define your activities, your interests, or even your dreams, but, I’m asking you to decide what kind of person you want to be, what values you want to choose that will create your character.

You see, your character is built by setting personal goals to live by, no matter who you’re with or what you are doing. Yes, you are young, but you hold more power than you know. Right now, you are in control of setting the rules for who you will become and the road you will follow.

So, what will you choose?

Are you going to be kind?

Are you going to be true to yourself?

Are you going to be respectful?

Are you going to be loving?

Are you going to have manners?

Are you going to be forgiving?

Are you going to be honest?

Are you going to be trustworthy?

Are you going to be responsible?

Are you going to be thoughtful?

Are you going to be brave?

Are you going to be strong?

Are you going to put 100% in?

You see, you can decide these things now and it will make your teen years a whole lot easier. When you have answers to these questions, with each new challenge you face or difficult circumstance you find yourself in, you won’t have to worry about what to do, because you’ve already determined the direction you want to go.

You’ve got , just stay true to yourself xx

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