Fashion Not Flashing!

Tweens seem to know so much more about fashion than we ever did at their age, and fashion seems to be a whole lot different too. The old saying Dress to Impress suddenly seems like a minefield.

Fashion can be fun but it can also be super flashy, and sometimes it just isn’t appropriate for growing girls.

We want our kids to be able to express themselves and their emotions through their outfits, and we want them to feel supported in their choices. Navigating teen fashion can be tricky – they’re old enough to start making their own choices, but they can be impressionable and the models they see flaunting skimpy outfits and lots of skin are pretty convincing.

So how can we make sure they are making good choices when it comes to clothes?

Here are a few helpful tips to follow at home to get you started:

● Dress to Express – yourself, your mood, and the weather
● Dress to Respect – yourself, your body, and the weather
● Demonstrate body positivity
● Focus on health – did you see our last blog about Natural Beauty?
● Shop together! Next week we’re sending out our best shopping tips so keep an eye out

Teaching her to be comfortable in her own skin, age-appropriate and to respect herself first, will help her grow a little taller and braver everyday.

And that can only be a good thing.


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