Self Esteem and Wild Jasper

mother and daughter

Self Esteem and Wild Jasper my why..

Well as i’m looking at turning the BIG 40 later in the week, and having the chance to go clothes shopping with my mum and daughter the familiar feeling of dread hit.

That feeling I usually get as I hate buying clothes for myself. It’s been like this for a very long time. This is a big self esteem issue for me, although I am starting to love myself and accept my body. It has got me through up and downs and birthed 3 babies . My body isn’t perfect I would love to be skinnier, taller and able to tan. All the things I’m not but hey that’s alright.

How do I as a mum not put this onto my daughter? It’s hard but I have always been conscious of this and talk with Kayla about knowing her worth, knowing how smart she is, knowing that being kind and how you treat others is more important that how you look. I talk to her about eating well and it’s good to move your body .

Part of why I wanted to bring Wild Jasper to life and find fun age appropriate fashion for our girls is to help these girls see that they can have fun with fashion without dreading it . That it’s not about what size is on the label , but feeling comfortable in your own skin, feeling good about yourself and loving how you feel in your clothes.

Along with Kayla we will work hard to continue to find fun fashion that caters for all girls. It’s a hard age to navigate but as mum’s we are all just trying our best to bring up smart, kind and courageous daughters.

Food for thought

Your Greatest contribution to the universe may not be something you do, but someone you raise.

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