Tweens and Makeup

Makeup and Tweens

Tweens and Makeup..

Ok I can’t be the only mum who’s daughter is seriously into makeup?

I know kids, yes boys and girls at times have messed around with mum’s makeup. It’s funny and cute until the eyeliner and mascara is everywhere, but my tween miss 12 is not to shabby with makeup, what she’s 12, I was hopeless at her age.

I put it down to YouTube, and Instagram but these girls have skills.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t thinks girls need makeup as they are all uniquely beautiful in their own special way, but they could seriously have jobs in this field as they get older.

My miss has asked for an James Charles eye shadow pallette for her birthday. I’m caught between yes of course why not you’re growing up and NO no way your not older enough and needs to stay my little girl forever.

Maybe I’m just struggling with her growing up…

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Oh James Charles has some serious skills Check him out . ?

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