Why I started a Tween and Teen girls clothing business..

I get asked a lot on why I started a tween and teen girls clothing business..

Well back in October 2017, Kayla then 11 and I were out shopping as Kayla had birthday money and wanted to go clothes shopping. As a busy mum, working full time and running 2 active kids between dance, football and my son was umpiring football as well, finding time to go clothes shopping was hard to find.

What I dreaded was the walking around going into countless shops looking for age appropriate, on trend clothing for a girl who was growing up showing signs of not so much ‘ my little girl’ but more the soon to be teenager. 👱🏼‍♀️

It was a constant nightmare as there was a definite gap in the market. I had enough of the same nightmare shopping trips time and time again. Also for me and unbeknown to me back then the journey of Wild Jasper was going to be a healing journey for me, as I had dealt with two traumatic events as a teenager.

Events that I think I had wanted to forget and pushed down, trying to forget as I didn’t want to deal with them. Events that I felt ashamed about and it really wasn’t until Kayla was on the verge of becoming a teenager that I have faced them and started my healing journey.

✨So I guess my WHY is more about girls loving themselves, their bodies by building self confidence, wearing clothes that they love and knowing their worth isn’t defined by others or having to show too much skin etc but knowing you can say NO in situations you don’t feel safe in, you can set boundaries and wear what you love and feel comfortable in because you want to not because that’s what they’re all wearing on tik tok and social media.

So there’s the short version of my story, I guess I honestly just want girls to love themselves, know they are enough just the way they are, that their worth is not defined by others.



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